Thursday, January 12, 2017

Welcome to Farming and Social Practices!

We are exploring locally produced food and the social practices surrounding its production and distribution. 
Description of the Course
We are meeting with a local composter utilizing local food waste, three urban farms, a food co-op distributing for the farms, a raw kitchen utilizing leftover organic produce and an activist group preparing donated food for the homeless. We will learn about urban farming and various methods for sharing and distributing food within communities. Direct attention will be focused on an area known as a “food desert.”
Additionally, we will start a small garden, investigate the logistics of setting up a food co-op in an area known as a food desert, explore various social practices including Relational Art and the artist as catalyst and plan an educational and/or artistic event related to food in the area.
The afternoon of January 17, we will be on the air with KPFT FM 90.1 discussing our urban farming experience with Pat Greer.
The Mystic Lyon will be our hub for the class due to its central location to Farm Dirt, Last Organic Outpost and Finca Tres Robles, it's available studio, garden and kitchen space, and it being located in a food desert.

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