Thursday, January 12, 2017

Day 7 (week 2) Finca Tres Robles / Preparing food for Food Not Bombs

From our Durational Lifestyle Modification (DLM) Meditating in Nature Participant:

Today we went to Finca Tres Robles which is a farm in Houston and we were brought around by one of the farm owners. He gave us a tour of the farm and was very informative about his produce and the soil he has. The objective of the day was to have a farm class so we could create our own gardens at Post Oak. He went over everything from the types of beds we can build, how to build them, soil we can use, plants that work in Houston"s climate, and much more. After we finished there we went to Whole Foods to get ingredients for vegan cookies which we needed in order to distribute to homeless people with an organization called Food Not Bombs. 

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