Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Kayley Nguyen
Mrs. Harrison
January 31, 2017

Blog Post
  1. In Act 1, we are introduced to the major characters in the play. Which one do you find most interesting and why?
In act 1 I really like the character Shylock. I really liked his personality and you could just tell what kind of person he was just by listening to what he says and by paying attention to his actions. I thought it was really funny how Shylock was giving money to people and he was just really generous about that kind of stuff. The part that was really funny was when Shylock stopped giving money to people even though he had like a past of giving money to people. 
I also really liked shylock had a daughter that was really dramatic and I could see where she got it from. I didn't really understand why Shylock was giving money then just stopped like I understand why he started giving money but why stop out of nowhere. 

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Day 8 (week 2) Garden Design / Planeat documentary

From our Durational Lifestyle Modification (DLM) Vegan Participant: 

Today was A pretty relaxing day. We found a place for our garden or possible places. We decided to use earthboxes and a gutter garden to grow our plants. We also want to grow a lot of asparagus plants because they are apparently very pretty. Then we did our blogs and journals. Kayley and I did grounding for a very long time because it was so nice outside.  Now we are doing more blogging. Today was very relaxing. It is nice because we have mainly been doing a lot of physical things and it is nice to have a break.

Day 7 (week 2) Finca Tres Robles / Preparing food for Food Not Bombs

From our Durational Lifestyle Modification (DLM) Meditating in Nature Participant:

Today we went to Finca Tres Robles which is a farm in Houston and we were brought around by one of the farm owners. He gave us a tour of the farm and was very informative about his produce and the soil he has. The objective of the day was to have a farm class so we could create our own gardens at Post Oak. He went over everything from the types of beds we can build, how to build them, soil we can use, plants that work in Houston"s climate, and much more. After we finished there we went to Whole Foods to get ingredients for vegan cookies which we needed in order to distribute to homeless people with an organization called Food Not Bombs. 

Day 6 (week 2) Finca Tres Robles / Supplies for Food Not Bombs

From our Durational Lifestyle Modification (DLM) Daily Physical Exertion Outside Participant:

Today we went back to Finca Tres Robles and helped them package food for the CSA. It was great to see how the food was packaged and how it was about to go to people in the community. 

Aftewards, we bought ingredients for the vegan cookies for Food Not Bombs. Then we went back to the Central City Coop and spent the rest of the day baking the cookies. We should have bought more coconut oil so we could make more, but at least the ones we made went to those who needed it that night at their meeting. 

Day 5 (week 2) Food Beware: The French Organic Revolution / Artist Claire Pentecost

Day 4 (week 1) Farm Dirt

From our Durational Lifestyle Modification (DLM) Daily Physical Exertion Outside Participant: 

Today we went to Farm Dirt again, rather than the day before when we were given a tour we instead were allowed to see a cooperative deal between the people at Farm Dirt and a foreign composting company that is experimenting with a new system of decomposition. This was very exciting to see unfold. However because it was incredibly cold only one of us returned to Farm Dirt after we left for lunch. It was an increadible experience. 

Day 3 (week 1) Plant it Forward / Farm Dirt


From our Durational Lifestyle Modification (DLM) Meditation in Nature Participant:

Today we started out at Plant it Forward which is an farm run by a nice man named Roy. When we first arrived Roy wasn't at the farm yet but his assistant was. He put us right to work picking weeds. After we did that he showed us around the farm and told us about all the winter plants. There were mostly leave plants that make up salads and some root plants. The coolest plants he showed us were the Cauliflowers. When Roy finally arrived at the farm we cleared garden beds so he could plant spring crops later in the year. He taught us how to properly use all of the tools in order to clear the beds. After we left the farm we went to Farm Dirt where they take the scraps of food from all over Houston and composed it to make soil for organic farmers. He showed us around all the mounds and told us about the process of the decomposition of the compost.

Farm Dirt...