Thursday, January 12, 2017

Day 2 (week 1) Central City Co-op

From our Durational Lifestyle Modification (DLM) non-processed food participant: 

Today we went to the Central City Co-Op. The Central City Co-Op rents a space in a small church and is run by a lady named Jessica. The Central City Co-Op is a foundation where every Wednesday farmers come by so the church can sell their organic produce. The first thing we did when we got to the church was help them get ready and set up for the selling of fruits and vegetables. Jessica introduced herself to us and gave us a little tour of the place, what they do, how they manage the space limit, how farms stop by to drop off stuff, and how people come by to get their shares of organic produce. 

After the tour Jessica had us put prices on the items that they were selling that day. After we completed our task she had us paint some signs and draw noticeable things so they can place outside on days that they are selling things. When we finished that it was time for lunch so we got to pick out our veggies to make our lunch. When we walked into the kitchen we saw that a lady had just made a fresh loaf of bread and was cutting it up for us to have a “piece” the piece ended up being a whole entire loaf. When we started picking out our veggies we were trying to think of different recipes we do with the food that we had to choose from, plus trying to keep it in everyone's diet. We couldn't really think of things to make so we kind of improvised and for doing it at the top of our minds, I think we did pretty well. The fact that it was even edible and good was excellent.

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