Thursday, January 12, 2017

Day 3 (week 1) Plant it Forward / Farm Dirt


From our Durational Lifestyle Modification (DLM) Meditation in Nature Participant:

Today we started out at Plant it Forward which is an farm run by a nice man named Roy. When we first arrived Roy wasn't at the farm yet but his assistant was. He put us right to work picking weeds. After we did that he showed us around the farm and told us about all the winter plants. There were mostly leave plants that make up salads and some root plants. The coolest plants he showed us were the Cauliflowers. When Roy finally arrived at the farm we cleared garden beds so he could plant spring crops later in the year. He taught us how to properly use all of the tools in order to clear the beds. After we left the farm we went to Farm Dirt where they take the scraps of food from all over Houston and composed it to make soil for organic farmers. He showed us around all the mounds and told us about the process of the decomposition of the compost.

Farm Dirt...

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