Thursday, January 12, 2017

Day 1 (week 1) Last Organic Outpost / "Parts Unknown" in Houston with Anthony Bourdain

Outing to select the work gloves to which we are most attracted.


Pitching in at Last Organic Outpost...

...with our new friend and weeding colleague, Franklin. 

From our Durational Lifestyle Modification (DLM) vegan participant: 

Today was the first day of the farming and social practices. We started off the day by getting some gloves from a supply store. Then we went to a farm in the 5th ward. It was called Last Organic Outpost. We first got a tour of the farm and the man who owns the farm gave us a sample of some of his products. David and James both ate a ghost pepper, and it was pretty funny. The man also gave us a sample of this wasabi flavored lettuce which surprisingly tasted like wasabi. After that we went to go pick weeds. 

Then we went to Ms. Sloan's art studio. We ate lunch and played with her dog. Next at her studio, we watched a documentary about food from different cultures around Houston which was quite entertaining. To end the day we went to an art store to get a journal for writing our journal entries in.

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